Program Description

Maple Tree understands that sometimes youth residing in the community require additional short-term support outside of what is typically provided by their placement. Our Support Workers collaborate with Children’s Services, other agencies, and stakeholders to engage with youth, encouraging them to enrich their relationships, grow their support network, and connect with their communities, enhancing their sense of belonging and attachment.

Through 1-to-1 support, life skill guidance, and mentoring, Maple Tree Urgent Support Workers facilitate opportunities for youth to increase their capacity and build life skills necessary for successful transitions in group care. For some youth, this may include cultural connection, support during outings, volunteerism, teaching life skills, or learning how to handle challenging emotions.

Program Summary

  • Access to skilled Support Workers with experience supporting diverse populations and multidisciplinary teams
  • 1-to-1 scheduled Support Worker working with youth in their placement or the community
  • Community access when safety concerns are mitigated
  • Positive behavioural role modelling and relationship building
  • Life skill coaching and development
  • Support Worker attendance at STM and case conferences
  • Contact notes provided for each visit


To access this support, please contact