Maple Tree Consulting and Support Services (MTC) is a dynamic company that provides support to Children’s Services and Collaborative Service Delivery agencies. We take pride in our ability to adapt to the needs of the children and families that we serve.  

At MTC, our growth has been directed by the needs of the people we serve. By working directly with the Government of Alberta and partner agencies, we have created programs that address gaps in services and provide support where it is needed most.

Our team brings years of experience grounded in the reality of frontline service provision. We understand the importance of clear, transparent, and concise communication with multidisciplinary teams and strive to be good partners and community members.

When our team members make tough decisions, we always ask them to refer to our foundational mission and ask themselves,

Does this empower and represent the values of children and families through collaboration?

Our decision-making process is also guided by our vision,

To ensure the safety of children and their families.

We look forward to working with you.