Program Description

Maple Tree’s History of a Child program collaborates with Children’s Services to create consistent and reliable History of a Child reports (HOAC). Maple Tree’s report writers conduct an in-depth case analysis that utilizes the case management team and community stakeholders, in addition to electronic and paper files. Through collateral contacts, Maple Tree represents the family’s experience throughout the report. Maple Tree accurately reports a child’s involvement in care using language sensitive to their experience.

Program Summary

  • Experienced Maple Tree report writers and supervisors work collaboratively with interdisciplinary teams from the beginning to end of the report writing process.
  • On-site physical file mining conducted by the Maple Tree team.
  • Case management team directed areas of emphasis in the HOAC.
  • Case conference and STM availability from assigned Maple Tree report writers and supervisors.

Contact Information

To access this support, please contact