Program Description

Maple Tree’s Group Care Program understands that youth who have experienced involvement with Children’s Services are often disconnected from their families, peers, culture, and communities. Our talented Child and Youth Councillors collaborate with Children’s Services, other agencies and stakeholders to engage with youth, encouraging them to enrich their relationships, grow their support network, and connect with their communities, thereby enhancing their sense on belonging and attachment.

By providing youth with safe, stable, and consistent environments, Maple Tree Child and Youth Counsellors facilitate opportunities for youth to increase their capacity and build life skills necessary for a successful transition to adulthood. For some youth, this may include education, employment, volunteerism, money management, or finding cultural connections.

Program Summary

  • Access to skilled Child and Youth Counsellors with experience supporting diverse populations and multidisciplinary teams
  • 24/7 client support
  • Goal setting in alignment with current Transition to Independence Plan
  • Positive behavioural role modelling and relationship building
  • Life skill coaching and development
  • Child and Youth Counsellor attendance at STM and case conferences

Contact Information

All referrals must be directed from Children’s Services placement department.